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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Development Reportedly Rushed

Unfamiliar with controversy, the newest Call of Duty game follows this trend as the most recent title was developed within half the time of a usual series entry.

Typically developed within a three-year timeframe, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III was created in 16 months, as reported by Bloomberg, causing some to believe this is the reason why the campaign was as short as it was. Originally starting as a DLC then developed into a sequel of 2022’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare: II.

Being the first Call of Duty released since the ABK deal, reviews have not been positive. Landing the lowest-ever Metascore for a Call of Duty game, with many users echoing the same statement, iterating the game feels like a DLC of the previous installment.

Aaron Halon, Studio Head at Sledgehammer Games, states the game was intended to be a complete Call of Duty game from the beginning of development, per the studio’s Twitter. However, with developers reporting they had to work late shifts and into the weekends, it seems that Halon’s assertion of the game being a “labor of love” translates that the hurried timeframes were just plain labor.

What do you think? Was the rushed development the cause for the shortness? Should it have been a DLC? Let us know below!

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