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Xbox Series S Sees Massive Price Hike In Brazil

Consoles are traditionally more expensive in Brazil, and Microsoft is certainly perpetuating that with its recent price hike to its lower-end Series S. Its new price is a steep spike when considering Brazillian gamers could pick the console up for around R $2000 to R $2500, which is $400 USD.

A report from The Enemy (via Insider Gaming) indicates that Microsoft is bumping its lower-end models while bizarrely keeping its 1TB model the same to a staggering R $3,599, which is around $700 USD. This puts it on an equal playing field with the PS5 Digital Edition, and with the notable development issues the Series S faces, it’s not the best change to make. But, hey what do we know?

“At Xbox, we remain focused on offering the best gaming experience across a range of price points, so gamers can choose what best suits their gaming needs and budget. In the coming weeks, we will begin communicating price adjustments for Xbox Series S consoles in Brazil. The MSRP of the Xbox Series S base SKU will be updated at Brazilian retailers where Xbox Series S consoles are available. We have maintained our console prices for many years and have now adjusted prices to R$3,599. While the console will remain an important part of the Xbox ecosystem, we will continue to offer great games, skills and options for gamers in Brazil, so they can play how and where they want.

What do you think? Is this a wise decision? Let us know below!

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