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Alan Wake 2 Dev Opens Up About Working With Series S

Remedy Entertainment had some problems when working on Alan Wake 2, more specifically, it had issues with the limitations of the Xbox Series S. The console is less powerful than the standard Series X, and Microsoft encourages developers to offer up feature-to-feature parity between the X and S, but sometimes that simply can’t happen.

Speaking with IGN, Communications Director Thomas Puha expressed the two main issues the team faced during development — the GPU and memory. The console’s CPU remains the same between the two versions. Having to choose his words carefully, he explained how the memory was also a big problem, as the developer has gone on to make many PC games, where having less memory isn’t really an issue it faced.

The team’s worked hard making the game run at a solid 30fps on the Series S, which with the lackluster GPU compared to the Series X, we commend the studio for that. Puha also stated that if you wanted the full-on “next-gen” experience, you’re better off going for machines that can actually deliver. In our minds, those would be the Series X and PS5.

What do you think? Does this take you by surprise? Let us know below!

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