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Postal Isn’t On Xbox Because Of Microsoft, Dev Confirms

Postal developer, Running with Scissors, has confirmed that it would bring the game to Xbox if Microsoft would let it. This comes as people apparently assumed it had a deal with Sony.

On Twitter, RWS confirmed that Microsoft for one reason or another wants nothing to do with the Postal line of game, even though it does seem to have its fair share of people calling for it. Attached at the bottom is an image encouraging people to voice their concerns to the American console maker, as it’s really out of the developer’s hands.

Some people believed it was due to some deal it had with PlayStation, but considering its other Postal games have appeared on the Nintendo Switch, that can clearly be debunked. Nonetheless, it sounds like it would do an Xbox version if Microsoft would let it.

What do you think? Are you all for more Postal on new platforms?

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