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Walmart’s Slashing Physical Xbox Games Starting With Starfield

It looks like Walmart is to getting rid of physical Xbox games, with Starfield being its first victim. It’s already well-established that Xbox gamers are more likely to accept the concept of digital-only releases.

As compiled by TheGamer, not only did an internal memo surface on Twitter, but an alleged Walmart employee confirmed the validity of the memo on ResetEra. Supposedly, copies have been discounted to only around three cents, so if this game is your cup of tea or you’re just a physical game collector, it might be worth taking a trip to your local Walmart to see if they’ve got any copies. However, we have our doubts remain.

Starfield only came out a few months ago and while the game has some of that Bethesda charm many love, it also is deeply rooted in controversy over the game’s exclusivity and the absurd response PR reps had on Steam to negative reviews. Regardless, if you’re one of the people who prefer owning your game, then this isn’t something to celebrate.

What do you think? Does this surprise you? Let us know below!

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