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Thunderful Is All In On Xbox Game Pass

Much like the PlayStation Plus model, debates boil to the surface when it comes to Xbox Game Pass and how stable it can be. Thunderful Games, though, is all for it.

In a Windows Central interview, Thunderful Chief Games Officer Agostino Simonetta explains how the semi-new model is a huge benefit to large and small developers. Basically, it boils down to giving players easier access to a game that they might not have even considered picking up or they just never even heard of.

In that same accessibility token, the concerns raised are typically that of preservation and the proper sales of a game. Oddworld: Soulstorm released on PlayStation Plus, with the developer calling it a “double-edged sword” as you’re hoping the accessibility will drive sales rather than take them away.

What do you think? Is Xbox Game Pass a huge benefit for the developer or is it something of a slippery slope? Let us know below!

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