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Xbox Once Tried To Get LittleBigPlanet By Boozing Up Media Molecule

There is an alternate reality where LittleBigPlanet ended up on Team Green as Xbox execs attempted to bring Media Molecule over to its side. All it took was some booze.

During an episode of MinnMax, studio co-founder Mark Healey revealed that Xbox execs were “on the prowl” and attempted to poach the studio into ditching PlayStation in favor of the Xbox. Based Healey’s recollection, though, this was a little unnecessary as the two studios didn’t have any written agreement nor did Sony actually have ownership over LittleBigPlanet.

While the studio could’ve gone on and worked with Microsoft instead, Healey noted that he and the team were too grateful for Sony and all its support. He did also note while he couldn’t recall if there was any written agreement, there could very well have been some sort of legal binding between Media Molecule and Sony.

Healey left his spot at the studio back in 2023, but appears to be rather in-tune with the studio’s rumblings.

What do you think? Would MM succeed in the Xbox market? Let us know below!

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