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Fallout Creator Unearths Original Story Intro

Industry veteran Tim Cain unearthed the original story intro for the OG Fallout game from 1997. The file simply called “My Story” was from early 1995, which detailed the story as well as what Vaults are, which seems to largely kept the same.

According to Cain’s channel (via TimeExtension), the story went as many people left the vault before the player to see what it was like on the surface but perished in the process. After 80 years, the food supply began to dwindle and someone had to go to the surface. It seems that concept didn’t translate too well, though, and it was shifted to the Water Chip breaking.

After detailing all that, Cain went down the pros and cons of it. The pros included how he liked the player knew nothing about the outside world, how it gave a reason for the player to leave the Vault alone, and that it provided adequate time for locations like Junktown to exist.

As for cons, he didn’t like the time limit placed on players nor that you could just return to your home Vault for relative safety.

What do you think? Is it cool to see a bit of insight into the original Fallout? Let us know below!

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