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Forza Motorsport Players Face Career Mode Freezing Problems

Forza Motorsport’s release is on the horizon and as expected it seems fans are already facing more problems. Last week, reports surfaced of the game’s graphics looking “washed out,” so much so that Turn 10 addressed the issue and told players of a workaround until the team can implement a proper fix.

Users on the official Forza forum have been reporting freezing glitches in Career Mode. The glitch is so bad that it requires a reset leading to lost progress. Currently, Turn 10 hasn’t addressed this problem, likely too busy making headway for its launch in the matter of days. We’re sure, though, if the “washed out” glitch is anything to go by, the studio knows and is planning on fixing it with a patch.

What do you think? Have you run into this glitch? Let us know below!

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