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Activision Blizzard Plans On Bringing More Games To Game Pass Next Year

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III draws near, Activision Blizzard released a statement thanking players for their anticipation and dove into its IPs’ potential move to Game Pass post-acquistion. As it stands, the next COD and the recently released Diablo VI aren’t heading to Game Pass this year.

On Twitter, Activision Blizzard released a statement that after the acquisition is approved, it will work with Xbox to “bring our titles to more players around the world.” While no solid date was set, a general window was established — sometime in the next year.

COD is no stranger to being given away as a freebie here and there, but if things go Activision Blizzard’s way, COD’s next entry could end up as a day-one Game Pass game.

What do you think? Are you excited to be able to get in on the Activision Blizzard action without that hefty price tag? What games do you want to see on Game Pass? Let us know below! 

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