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Xbox 360 Shortage?

It’s nowhere near its November launch and already Microsoft is talking about Xbox 360 shortages. Microsoft expects an enormous amount of demand for the new Xbox console and thus they are openly stating that they don’t believe they’ll be able to meet all of it. In an interview with the Brit publication MCV, Senior-Regional Director of Europe, Neil Thompson, had this to say: “I think demand is going to be phenomenal so we see that as a really difficult thing,” he says. “Will we execute well so retail will have good volume? Yes. But I don’t think we’re going to meet demand as people are going to come into this platform in a big way.”

¬†¬†Regardless, Microsoft is determined about having all three regions (US, Europe, Japan) seeing the launch of the 360 before 2006 rolls around. In addition to that, it’s been speculated by the Toronto Globe and Mail that Microsoft is expecting to lose $75USD per every 360 unit sold, which in contrast is a much lower figure when compared to the original Xbox. Still, it should be kept in mind that these are merely estimates from analysts (who are often wrong), so none of this should be accepted as undeniable fact.

Author: Arnold Katayev

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