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Xbox 360 Rumors, Facts And Speculation

We’re just a few short days away from Microsoft’s official unveiling of the Xbox 360 and yet, we’ve already seen and heard so much that it makes you wonder just how much more Microsoft’s got left to show. Obviously, we’ve yet to see any of the system’s finalized specification details; so no one but the folks at Microsoft know what the system is truly capable of. Still, with the various leaks of media — including the alleged Project Gotham Racing 3 render of the Ferrari, and a few little showcase video-demos — the Xbox 360 is surely set to deliver technically.

  While specific details are oblique for the time being, various leaked images of the console suggest a detachable 40GB HDD, meanwhile MS has already confirmed wireless controllers for the console. The concaved console has been demonstrated sitting vertically and horizontally, much like the original PlayStation 2. Though, unlike the consoles of today, the 360’s curvy and sleek design sets it apart from the generally flat surfaced designs of the PS2, GameCube and even the current Xbox. Some don’t like the look, others have grown to it, while others just don’t really care for it too much and find themselves indifferent. Regardless of how you feel about the design, the console’s aesthetic appearance is quite original; and when stood upright, it almost seems to resemble a design that Apple would put together (and considering Microsoft’s relation with Apple for the 360, it’s not surprising to find this resemblance).

  The controller looks like an updated version of the current ‘S’, though with a slightly more curvaceous design to match the look of the 360 itself. While the image is somewhat obscured, the controller doesn’t have black and white buttons anymore. Also, if you look at the very bottom of the controller, you will notice a port — this port is possibly for a headset of some sort, or maybe even a USB connection as some suggestions point out. For reference, take a look at this image and notice the nearly identical design of the pins.

  Look at the X emblem on the controller closely and notice there are numbers around it; 1-4. It’s entirely possibly that this time, the emblem actually has functional use of some sort on the controller, but what that use is is completely up in the air right now; no one knows.

  Glancing at the remote control, many have noted the green Windows Media Center at the very bottom of it. This further solidifies that MS hopes to establish the 360 as more than just a game console, but as a full fledged media box.

  When looking at the image of the Xbox 360 behind the showcase frame, you will notice a camera like object to the very right. It’s obscured partially by a crease in the showcase, but it’s pretty evident that MS also plans on introducing something very similar to the Eye-Toy and perhaps something far more sophisticated as well. Lastly, the release date of the 360 was also confirmed to be sometime in November 2005 — and the confirmation came from Bill Gates no less.

  With all of these leaks floating around, it’s hard to tell apart facts from rumors. But soon enough, all of that (or at least most of it) will come to an end, as on May 12th MTV will air their special “MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed” at 9:30 Eastern and Pacific times.

Author: Arnold Katayev

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