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Xbox To Introduce New Policy Against Third-Party Accessories

The third-party accessory market is pretty huge in the gaming sphere, but it seems Xbox is attempting to curb it just a little. We all have had those unauthorized products, from controllers to memory cards to headsets, etc.

In a Windows Central report, the outlet’s sources claim that starting on November 12, Xbox will put in place a new policy barring users from using third-party accessories. If you try to use an unauthorized piece of merchandise, it will pop up with “error 0x82d60002,” though it may vary based on your region.

Supposedly, this change is due to Microsoft lifting restrictions on wireless third-party products for the Xbox Series X|S, which could mean this new policy is a security measure. Now, while the off-brand shady stuff will be affected, products made by the likes of Turtle Beach, Razer, or PowerA will have no issues. If true, we may very well have some quality third-party wireless controllers in the not-so-distant future.

What do you think? Is it too bad that the cheapos are going to be obsolete soon? Let us know below!

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