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Several Domains Point To Xbox Exclusive’s Indiana Jones Game Name

A number of domains have been registered by Lucasfilm pointing to the name of the upcoming first-party video game. Conveniently, these domains were registered the same day that Microsoft revealed the upcoming Developer Direct, which is going to touch on MachineGames’ Xbox exclusive Indy game.

Self-described video game researcher Kurakasis revealed on Twitter that Lucasfilm is registered with a bunch of domains. It’s also noted that The Great Circle was registered two years ago for a mobile video game, potentially because of Game Pass and its ability to stream games on mobile devices. But, at the same time, Cyberpunk 2077 was also listed with the “mobile” tag, so it’s anyone’s guess.

We only have a couple more days to wait before we’ll likely be inundated with the official name of the game — Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. What this game will be about is anyone’s guess, but it does have the Bethesda figurehead Todd Howard at the helm as its executive producer.

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