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Redfall Now Runs At 60fps

Arkane Studios has finally updated its much-maligned looter shooter, Redfall, to include 60fps, after five months on the market. Before the game even launched, rumblings of unsatisfied customers understandably ran amok, largely based on how the game would lack a 60fps mode at launch.

Alongside this welcome frame rate increase, according to the patch notes, the team also improved its stability while on Performance Mode, improved its open world enemies, which felt few and far between for many, a new means to take down Cultists with staked weapons, and more.

With this being arguably the biggest update for the game so far, we can hope that Pete Hines is staying to true to his word and actually wants to make Arkane’s multiplayer venture a “good game.”

What do you think? Have you played Redfall since the update? Let us know below!

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