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Images Of White All-Digital Xbox Series X Leak

The first images of the alleged white all-digital Xbox Series X has surfaced in a recent leak. Obviously, we need to take these images with a grain of salt, but it wouldn’t be too shocking if Xbox is trying to be more gung-ho about digital-only gaming.

As reported by eXputer, the new Xbox, which had reports surface in February, is gonna have an improved heatsink. Allegedly, this console will be less than the currently available Series X. This does come after its physical branch has allegedly been shut down.

It’s also worth pointing out how Phil Spencer once mentioned that it’s not looking to force players out of discs as recently as last month. It’s all too possible Microsoft might be producing three versions or conducting some sort of A-B testing.

Based on the images, it looks identical to the Series X, save for the disc drive, which is absent.

What do you think? Are ready to go all-digital? Let us know below!

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