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FromSoft To Shut Down 2 Classics Servers

Two FromSoftware games will soon see its servers shutting down, making them a bit more restricted on the Xbox 360. These games are available on other platforms, such as the Xbox One, so at least there’s that.

FromSoft announced (via Pure Xbox) that Dark Souls 2 and Armored Core: Verdict Day will have the 360 servers closed, slashing online elements from both games. For DS2, that means no shades, bloodstains, or messages, and obviously no co-op play, invasions, or dueling. Meanwhile, Armored Core sees more damage, as it World Mode, Ranking, Team Menus, its Soldier Model DLC, and a slew of other online-exclusive features, though, its story missions can still be played.

This isn’t until March 31, 2024, with these games joining a laundry list of games that will close next year. On top of all that, even the Xbox 360 store itself is shuttering for good in July.

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