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Take Control of X360s Neon

Jeff Minter of Britain’s LlamaSoft studio has created a special version of his Lightsynth software known as Neon that will come pre-loaded onto all X360’s. Not only will the software gyrate to your Funky Cold Medina (based on the audio input), but now you will be able to control a different display element with each of the 4 controllers.

  In a recent interview, Minter had this to say about working on the X360 “Typically in the kind of work I’ll be doing, you want a lot of computational power available for generating effects and meshes procedurally in real-time, and the X360 delivers a lot of grunt in that area. We were working with the alpha hardware and still managed to achieve staggering performance with just that, and the alpha kits probably operate at only about 30 per cent of the capacity of the final hardware. I’m really looking forward to doing more on final hardware and really pushing the thing as hard as we can.” Mr. Minter has also hinted that it will be possible to hook up other independent devices to the X360, like an iPod and other music devices to drive Neon.  I could really see this being a fun addition to just about any party where music is playing, or just hangin with some of your friends not quite in the mode to duke it out on HALO 3. Just image what a talented, multitasking DJ could do with a X360 at the center of his rig?

Author: Eric ‘Jetson’ Pfoutz

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