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Massively Multiplayer Online Deal Struck For X360

Today in San Diego at Comic-Con International, the world’s largest comic book convention, Microsoft and Marvel Comics announced a new licensing agreement. Microsoft will have exclusive rights to develop and publish MMOG’s featuring Marvel’s iconic universe of Super Heroes for use in games developed for the Xbox 360.

  “Marvel has created some of the most iconic and exciting characters and stories in the past century. We’re thrilled to bring this universe to interactive entertainment,” said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft. “With this next generation of gaming, Marvel fans will finally have the ability to create choices with their favorite Super Heroes, villains and creatures in unbelievable detail — all with the power of Marvel’s incredible vision and the Xbox platform.”

  Tim Rothwell, worldwide president of the Consumer Media Group at Marvel Enterprises had this to say about the new partnership. “The alliance with Microsoft catapults us into the games category in an unprecedented way. Microsoft is an acknowledged leader in the interactive game space, and backed by their technology, creative and marketing clout, Marvel will establish a strong presence in the burgeoning online gaming arena. We are very excited to be working with Microsoft to bring our fans what we expect will be a world-class online gaming experience. We also believe online gaming will provide valuable, global exposure to our character brands.”

  This is really great news for X360. The MMOG genera is basically non existent on the current Xbox and is a necessity in my opinion for healthy X360 line-up. This may also help bring in some PC gamers who have felt left out in the past.

Author: Eric ‘Jetson’ Pfoutz

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