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E3 2005: 360 Launch Titles

Microsoft said they plan to launch the Xbox 360 with around 25-40 games to be available within the first three months of the console’s lifespan. So we’re looking at a launch of around 20 games, while the other 20 trickling in during the months. Some of the launch games of the 360 will include Tecmo’s Dead or Alive 4, images of which leaked online before the game’s unveiling. In addition, Capcom has a game in store for the 360 launch called Dead Rising. Doing what Capcom does best, Dead Rising will be a horror adventure with lots of zombie slaying and the team behind it will be led by Keiji Inafune. Lastly, EA’s contributions will feature Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Madden NFL 2006 and The Godfather. In total, there are over 160 games in development for the 360; so the console’s software activity will be rather lively. Look for the 360’s launch to hit in November.

Author: Arnold Katayev

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