Armored Warfare – Game Review

Armored Warfare is a 3D tactical tank battling MMO set in modern times with realistic graphics and gameplay. Like other tank battling MMOs, Armored Warfare places a huge emphasis on teamwork and strategic play.

Publisher: ( Group)
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Tank Shooter
Release Date: October 8, 2015
Pros: +Modern setting. +PvE and PvP options. +Unique micromanagement features.
Cons: -Secondhand tech tree. -Some wonky animations. -Poor tutorial. (I’m guessing they will work on this as the game continues to gain traction.)

Armored Warfare Overview

Armored Warfare is a realistic modern day tactical military game with a strong emphasis on realism. The game was definitely inspired by the success of ‘World of Tanks‘, but Unlike World of Tanks, Armored Warfare is set in modern times. Players will wage war across various unique terrains from deserts to forests to frigid icelands. Given the game’s commitment to realism, different terrains will impact vehicle speed and maneuverability. Players who get their tank turrets damaged will also suffer from decreased accuracy and if damaged further will be unable to fire for a duration.

Armored Warfare Key Features –

  • Modern Setting – battle in modern military hardware like the M1 Abrams Tank. Tanks from the 1950s till modern day are available.
  • Destructible Environments – fight across a wide range of environments, from verdant jungles to sun-stroked deserts, where nearly every object can be destroyed.
  • Micromanagement Features – your crew gains experience and acquires unique talents while constructing your base using raw materials allots special bonuses to your stats.
  • Customization System – Each vehicle type has its own unique perk and players can customize their tanks.
  • Anti Griefing System – friendly fire / ramming will be punished.
  • 5 Vehicle Classes – Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles (AFVs), Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and Artillery.



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